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allround savings goes live

Allround savings goes live within 2 weeks


Helping business by 'creating profit from within' is what they do best for their clients. Click here

The project took just 2 weeks to build once we had all the digital assets. The site runs on our state of the art CMS software which produces the fastest sites out there, check out the speed test from pingdom. It's faster than 98% of all other tested sites.


Are you interested in how we converted their brand?

This is how their old site looked before we got involved:




Blue Rocket Accounting 'Launches'

Are you looking for an accountant who speaks to you more than just once a year?
- Blue Rocket Accounting



Our latest website was published in 2 weeks. After the design was agreed with our graphic designer, it took us just 11 days to build. Not only did we build it quickly, it's faster than 99% of all tested sites on Pingdom.




"We’re looking for local businesses who want to deal with professional web development team."  - Jon Pankhurst 

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A new smaller iPhone SE


iPhone SE & the 4 inch screen


Apples keynote yesterday announced that there will be a new iPhone SE on the market with a 4 inch monitor. Question we are asking here at Splat is how will that affect mobile friendly websites?

We will be looking at our media queries to make sure that our clients sites will still be functioning properly, but will Google take a look at the way fonts are displayed to ensure that sites are easy to read and use? 

If you are interested in how these smaller screens will render your mobile friendly site please contact us.

ncms.biz goes live

"20 years helping our customers"


NCMS. Ltd. provide a comprehensive range of IT support services including computer and printer repair for businesses, organisations, and home users throughout the South East.

Well it has been a few months since the site was officially published, but we have been working on the SEO and helping them get higher for a few phrases. They are now front page for

For all your computer needs please contact the owner Richard Williams.


You can see that the site loads in under 1 second. 

Sites that load fast will get a higher search ranking by Google, we use many techniques to make our sites load faster than the competition. We have state of the art web servers with a 600mb dedicated line, this means that they will always out perform sites that are hosted in a web farm.


Our blog is back

Well we have spent sometime upgrading our blogging software. We hope now to publish all our projects as and when we publish them. Combined with new articles about the development of the web in general.